ForceField Delivers a DLM Model to your Business

ForceField’s Device Lifecycle Management (DLM) supports the entire asset lifecycle from design and planning to configuration, maintenance, and disposal of out-of-date devices and IT hardware.

ForceField’s expertise in each stage of DLM makes device lifecycle management as simple as possible. Together, with our parent company Insight Investments, we have 30-years’ experience in technology financing with a lease portfolio of over $1.4B. We operate technology and refurbishment centers that provide the space to store, deploy, and service all of your end-user devices.

ForceField DLM means your IT support team is free to perform core business IT needs, keeping your business reliable, cost-effective, secure, agile, and competitive.

Device Lifecycle Management Services

Inventory Management

Assisting customers with maintaining proper inventory levels and mitigating supply chain disruption.

Configuration Management

Extending your imaging capabilities into our Technology Center allows for greater scale and adhesion to your standards.

Data Management

We partner with your organization to automate inbound and outbound data via the latest technology or internal platforms


We create a shrink-wrapped insert that contains all the small items in the box along with a welcome package to help the user get started.

Do you need help managing your work from home logistics? Forcefield is the answer.

Across the industry landscape, leveraging inadequate packaging materials has led to an average of 30% breakage during shipping. Due to the lack of well-defined processes, end user devices are rarely returned upon separation and new hire packages are frequently delivered with missing items and contain equipment that is not compatible with either the workstation or other peripherals. All of these factors contribute to organizations facing an increased risk of damage to their brand and deliver a horrific end user experience.

Forcefield’s Device Lifecycle Management (DLM) Service will handle every step of the lifecycle of your devices and ensure the most efficient and timely onboarding, replacement of devices that fail in the field, refresh of devices that have aged out of its useful life, and the return of devices and peripherals for your remote agents and employees. On behalf of our customers, we will handle all of the imaging, kitting, packing, and shipping activities to deliver your end user a white glove service.

Continuous Innovations

Forcefield continues to innovate with these customer-driven improvements:

  • Leverage packaging technology to completely encase and form-fit box contents, we’ve reduced breakage during shipping to less than 1%.
  • Provide detailed digital forensics by photographing and cataloging the contents of each order. Shrink wrap cables and peripherals (mice, webcam, headset, and so on) to allow end users to easily identify components and lower helpdesk first-call volume.
  • Display Power BI dashboard with historical and daily reporting.
  • Automate the ticketing platform to create a touchless order processing workflow.
  • Enhance the end user experience detailing contents in the box, how to get started, and company branded materials.

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