Ethical & Transparent Business Model

ForceField was founded to provide the technology industry with an ethical partner. Our sales, solutions, and services business model challenges our clients to demand more customization, transparency, and flexibility from us, your true partner.

Rooted in Ethics & Transparency
To execute our solution, our technical approach and procedures are based on
systems, processes, training and financial transparency to create a sustainable solution. Our financial statements are audited by Ernst & Young, our AMOS Asset Management System is SOC -1 audited and we leverage E-Signature for delivery, receipt and audit trail of all documentation. In addition, we leverage GAAP compliant LeaseWave for lease management and Vertex Series-O for property taxes. Fueling our growth is long term discounting partnerships with Tier 1 financial institutions.

Lastly, we believe IT and finance executives exploring IT refresh across all industries have one great commonality. The desire to implement a comprehensive, predictable, and sustainable IT refresh and lease strategy, without financial surprises. Our business model and solution are designed, certified, and audited to deliver certainty of execution.

Flexible Terms that decrease total cost
There is more to a great financial program than just a rate. Some leasing companies utilize onerous terms and conditions in their documents to drive fee income out of their clients. Due to our unique business model, fee income is not a revenue stream for our business. This positioning allows us to have the most transparent, client focused documentation in the industry, so there are no surprises.

Organizations We Work With:

Committed to Community

We are passionate about giving back to the communities where we live and work. Over 26 years ago we partnered with Taller San Jose Hope Builders to provide mentorship and career opportunities to the youth from higher-risk communities. Hope Builders’ goal is to bridge the gap between young adults in need of mentorship and employers in need of skilled workers. To this day, Insight continues to support Hope Builders through charitable contributions, job interview training, and other skills development – enabling these young men and women to grow in today’s competitive workplace.

In 2017, our company launched a volunteer and community outreach program called iCare. Our iCare program, which is run by our employees, provides an opportunity for the team to serve several charitable organizations within our community. We use this program to help strengthen community relations and support the lesser advantaged through both time and monetary contributions.

Our Sustainability Story

At our company, we help our customers contribute to the circular economy by preserving and extending the useful life of leased equipment. When we refurbish used equipment and give it a new home, it reduces the amount of e-waste generation from old technology, helping our clients reduce their carbon footprint.

At our core, we are a technology company. We have an acute understanding of the relationship between equipment, maintenance, and end of life disposition. This understanding helps us to achieve sustainability throughout the entire equipment lifecycle.

When entering into a lease partnership with us, we work closely with our clients to develop a sustainable refresh strategy – ensuring they have access to state of art equipment today while developing a roadmap to upgrade to more powerful energy efficient technology in the future. We make this process extremely easy on our clients because we own our own return and refurbishment centers.

At the end of lease, equipment is returned to our technology center where all equipment is received, audited, and refurbished by our Microsoft A+ certified technicians. Equipment that passes all necessary audits are remarketed to commercial and public sector schools, businesses, and organizations globally, and in some instances donated to various non-profit organizations. The continuation and extension of useful life of our equipment keeps electronics in the hands of those who can still use it.

Any equipment that doesn’t meet our standard for refurbishment, is ecologically disposed of through our partnerships with ISO-14001 certified e-waste collection and recycling companies. Our partners must undergo rigorous examination to ensure they comply with all international, EPA, state and local standards and regulations. We regularly audit their procedures to ensure they adhere to the strictest guidelines and maintain a no-landfill policy.

Sustainability has been core to our business model for over 35 years. Our focus on all aspects of the technology lifecycle and ongoing investments in this area will ensure that we continue to help our clients implement and manage their technology refresh strategy.

A Message from our Leadership

For over 35 years, we have provided customized leasing solutions that help corporate and government entities manage their technology refresh programs. With the breadth of our capabilities and our unique business model, we believe we have succeeded in providing the best client experience in the industry. Our day-to-day business practices have earned us the reputation of being fair and transparent. We pride ourselves on our personified qualities: Professional, Personal, Enterprising, Ethical, Focused, and Strong.

As a part of our commitment to investing in the communities where we live and work, we continue to review internal hiring practices and policies to ensure that we are creating a diverse and inclusive environment for our team of professionals today and in the future. We shall continue to provide mentorship and career opportunities with intentional hiring practices from minority and higher risk communities to ensure our team continues to reflect the communities we serve.

Sustainability will always be inherent to our business. We help our clients reduce their carbon footprint by giving them access to more state-of-the-art technology with the most energy- efficient options available. A unique industry differentiator is our technology center(s), where we strive to refurbish our client’s off lease equipment and give it a second life.

Efficiency, diversity, and sustainability are good business practices for responsible corporate citizenship – and ones that we follow.
We believe that responsible corporate citizenship is good business practice. We are proud of the reputation we have built over the years, but there is more to do. We are fully committed to advancing our ESG program for the benefit of our employees, customers, partners, and community.


John Ford
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

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